万事达宣布与PARTECO S.R.L公司、Gulf Alfourat公司建立全球战略合作关系

时间:2023-12-11 发布者:万事达洁净

12月3-7日,意大利PARTECO、迪拜Gulf Alfourat公司受万事达邀约来华考察、交流。万事达作为东道主,组织了代表团对此行人员表示热烈欢迎,并作充分、丰富的行程安排,此次行程包含:工程项目学习、万事达制造与研发中心参观、战略合作签订仪式、洁净工程技术交流会四项主题。

From December 3 to 7, 2023, the Italian cleanroom company PARTECO and Dubai company Gulf Alfourat were invited by Wiskind to visit China for inspecting and exchanging ideas on global cleanroom technology development and trend.Wiskind’s reception team hosted the 2 companies’ representatives with a warm welcome and made a full and rich itinerary as well. It included the following 4 main routines: engineering project cases study, a visit to Wiskind's manufacturing and R&D center, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, and cleanroom engineering technology exchanges conference. 

案例分享 Case Studies

12月3-4日 工程项目学习 

December 3-4 Engineering project study

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来到中国的第一站,万事达向PARTECO、Gulf Alfourat代表团展示了包括方领医药等在内的已成功实施的项目案例,就制药洁净工程实施的各项节点与标准进行了探讨。这样的学习过程,让代表团充分了解了中国洁净室系统与之差异化的方面,同时就不同的实施方案交换了看法。

The first stop in China, Wiskind showed the successfully implemented projects like Fangling Pharmaceutical, and discussed the timeline management of construction and standards for the implementation of cleanroom engineering project for pharmaceuticals industry. This allowed the representatives to fully understand the differences between China's cleanroom systems and Europe’s, they also exchange views on various implementation plans. 

深度交流 Deep Communication

12月5-6日 万事达制造与研发中心参观

December 5-6 a visit to Wiskind's manufacturing and R&D center

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万事达分别向PARTECO、Gulf Alfourat代表展示了万事达江苏镇江制造与研发基地、山东制造与研发基地。并分享了万事达在研发创新的成果,以及制造系统中的严苛的生产管理体系、质量管理体系。PARTECO、Gulf Alfourat代表对于万事达与西门子联合打造的数字化工厂的先进程度之高表示赞赏,称万事达是制造业数字化的先行者。

The representatives of PARTECO and Gulf Alfourat visited the Wiskind’s manufacturing and R&D bases in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu and Shandong province. They are impressed by Wiskind’s achievements in cleanroom R&D and innovation, as well as the strict management systems in each key phases including production and quality. The representatives expressed their appreciation for the advanced level of the digital smart factories which are built by Wiskind cooperating with SIEMENS .“Wiskind is a pioneer in the digitalization of manufacturing,”they said.

战略共识 Case Studies

12月5日 战略合作签订仪式

December 5 Reach a Strategic consensus

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万事达与PARTECO、Gulf Alfourat,在位于山东的万事达总部,正式签署了战略合作协议。万事达钢品股份副总经理、洁净事业部总经理杨福昌、意大利PARTECO总经理Marco Fossati、迪拜Gulf Alfourat总经理Ahmad Abdulmajeed分别就本次战略合作发表讲话,表示对未来的合作报以期待,相信会在全球范围内的业务发展、创新方案方面有很好的成绩。

Wiskind officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with PARTECO and Gulf Alfourat at Wiskind's headquarters in Shandong. Evan Yang, deputy general manager of Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., Ltd. and general manager of the Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd,. Marco Fossati, general manager of Italy's company PARTECO, and Ahmad Abdulmajeed, general manager of Gulf Alfourat company in Dubai, respectively delivered speeches on this strategic cooperation signing ceremony, expressing their expectations for the collaboration and believing that it will result in the rapid business development and innovative solutions on a global scale.

践行使命 Fulfill the Mission

12月7日 国际洁净工程技术交流会 

December 7 International Cleanroom Engineering Technology Exchange Conference


International Cleanroom Engineering Technology Exchange Conference Wiskind leveraged its influence fully in China’s cleanroom industry and invited China Pharmaceutical Association of Plant Engineering (CPAPE) principle members, the industry leading enterprises to participate the conference with the Dubai Gulf Alfourat and Italian PARTECO, the first Italian company to introduce the concept of prefabrication into the world of pharmaceutical cleanroom construction, to promote the international exchange and cooperation in cleanroom field.

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PARTECO总经理Marco Fossati分享了意大利洁净工程项目案例,并深度解析项目从设计、供货、施工到售后服务。尤其针对中国客户与意大利客户对洁净室围护系统关注的差异点解读,提出不同的解决方案。

Marco Fossati, general manager of PARTECO, shared a case study of an Italian cleanroom engineering project and gave an in-depth analysis of the project's design, supply, construction and after-sales service. In particular, different solutions were proposed for the different interpretations of the concerns of Chinese customers and Italian customers about the cleanroom enclosure system.


The representatives shared and discussed the plans and implementation of China's cleanroom engineering projects, and reached a consensus on maintaining close exchanges and promoting overseas project investigation and study.

在全球化的背景下,洁净行业的国际交流与合作变得愈发紧密。此次万事达与意大利PARTECO、迪拜Gulf Alfourat战略合作,是洁净室围护专业领域在国际范围内的资源整合。未来,三家公司将在技术创新、专业方案、市场整合等方面展开全方位深度合作。万事达积极践行推进洁净行业发展的使命,为推进加强国际洁净室工程实施技术、产品、方案的优化升级,让行业高效循环发展不断前行。

In the context of globalization, international exchanges and cooperation in the clean industry have become increasingly close. The strategic cooperation between Wiskind and Italy's PARTECO and Dubai's Gulf Alfourat is an international resource integration in the professional field of clean room enclosures. In the future, the three companies will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in technological innovation, professional solutions, market integration and other aspects. Wiskind actively fulfills its mission of promoting the development of the clean room industry, and promotes the optimization and upgrading of technologies, products, and solutions for the implementation of international clean room projects, so that the industry can continue to move forward in efficient and circular development.